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Purchasing Information

(Update: 10/13/2014): ImageSalsa and MovieSalsa are now free for personal use. Please use the following keys to use the respective products after download and installation:

ImageSalsa Weather Edition FREE Key:


MovieSalsa FREE Key:


Under the Help menu of the software, you will find a Registration section where you enter this key.  After successfully entering the key, restart the software.  All of the appropriate functionality will become unlocked for use.  To get the program, go to the appropriate section of this website.

For ImageSalsa downloads, go here:  ImageSalsa Download

For MovieSalsa downloads, go here:  MovieSalsa Download

MovieSalsa Software Capabilities:

Only one edition:

  • Uses JPEG picture files to make time-lapse movies
  • Generates AVI files
  • Adjustable interval (both start/stop times and images per hour) for source images
  • Post-procession shell capabilities to run command-line utilities, batch files, ftp, or other programs after generating the movie
  • Preview the movie as it is assembled
  • Compress the output with many popular codecs available online


ImageSalsa Software Capabilities:

All Editions:

  • Compatible with any video capture device supporting Microsoft’s Video for Windows (VfW) or DirectShow (with Version 2.0) standards
  • Uses JPEG or Windows® Bitmap picture files
  • Generates JPEG files

Basic Edition (Mild):

  • Periodic image capture to file
  • Periodic sequential image capture to file (for movie making)
  • User-adjustable motion detection – may also be used to detect nature events such as lightning strikes
  • Windows background update
  • Automatically FTP images to a server
  • May be configured to use a web image for the source image
  • Streaming image server
  • Supports (1) canvas with (5) lines of text and (3) graphics

Script Edition (Medium):

  • Includes Basic Edition features
  • Includes a scripting engine (VBScript-based) that allows users to create their own programs to interact with many of the program’s parameters.  The script engine also allows users to interface with all standard COM objects.
  • Supports (3) canvases with (100) lines of text and (100) graphics per canvas

Weather Edition (Hot!!!):

  • Includes Script Edition features
  • Automatically retrieves weather measurements from Ambient’s Virtual Weather Station or Brian Hamilton's Weather Display to be used for text and graphics overlay (i.e. place the temperature and wind speed on the image)
  • Keeps a 3600-entry database of weather station data for script interaction programming
  • Supports (20) canvases with (100) lines of text and (100) graphics per canvas


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